Find the mystery word!

A fun and original word game for the entire family where the aim of the game is to write down a mysterious word and get others to guess it. You have to be good at anagrams, but also quick, creative and intuitive!

Age: 8-99

Number Of Players: 2-6

Duration: 30'

Area of ability: Linguistic intelligence

Contents: 45 Letter cards; 1 spinner; 1 hourglass; 2 boards; 1 erasable marker; 1 score sheet; Rules

Rules: Show

Author: Carlo Meneghetti

Code EN26050
Bar Code 8059591426050
Category Games
Method Ludic
Special Recommendations None
Batteries Not necessary
Origin Made in Italy
Illustrator Headu archives
Texts Headu editing department
Product Weight 0,65
Box Dimensions 4,80 x 15,4 x 20,5

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Identity card

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Linguistic intelligence